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Basing on the feedback of the majority in the survey about the quality of payment services, AdFlex decides to improve payment policy from Net 15 to Net 7*. This is really the great change ever of AdFlex about payment policy. Certainly, this worthwhile upgrade will provide the best experience for Publishers when partnering with AdFlex. Let’s see what special points of AdFlex’s Net 7 * payment!

I. What is Net 7*?

Net 7* payment is the weekly payment policy. According to it, Publisher will be paid on Friday weekly for revenue generated from Monday to Sunday last week, instead of being paid on 5th and 20th as Net 15.
However, Net 7* is different from Net 7 at the point that your revenue need to be confirmed by Advertiser before paid for you. Therefore, not all revenue you create in this week will be paid on Friday next week.

II. The purpose of deploying Net 7* payment policy

With Net 15 payment policy, many Publishers have difficulty in rotating capital to run the next campaign. So, to optimize the cash flow of Publisher, AdFlex rolls out the Net 7* payment format, ensuring publishers get their revenue weekly.
This is one of our changes to optimize, improve the quality of our services, to provide the best experience for Publishers when partnering with AdFlex.

III. Time application

Net 7 * payment policy will be applied officially from May 15th 2017.’

IV. Form of payment

AdFlex will pay for Publisher on Friday weekly by bank transfer.

– WEEKLY REVENUE = Revenue that occurred from Monday to Sunday were reviewed and confirmed by the Advertiser.
– PREVIOUS REVENUE = Past pending revenue confirmed by the Advertiser last week.
– The minimum revenue to be paid must be = 20 USD after deduction

Example: Your revenue in the first week of May (from 1st to 7th) is 100 USD, but the Advertiser has just confirmed paying of 80 USD. At the same time, you have been confirmed by Advertiser to be paid for pending revenue from 4th week of April (from 24th to-30th) is 200 USD
=> YOUR REVENUE RECEIVED ON THE SECOND MONTH OF MAY OF MAY IS = 80 + 200 = 280 USD. 20 USD remaining not yet confirmed by the Advertiser will be transferred to the payment in the following weeks.

V. Conditions of payment

Publisher has signed contract with Eway Corporation and has enough information to receive payment (ID number, bank account number)
Publisher revenue must be validr (not cheat, fake, KPI and cap already committed) and confirmed payment by Advertiser.
For local Publishers, encourage using of Vietcombank account to receive the payment right on Friday
For Publishers is organizations or enterprises that do not have the need for weekly payments, AdFlex will be flexible to ensure Publisher will receive a one-time payment on a fixed Friday in the month.
For individual Publishers, before making a payment, AdFlex will deduct personal income tax (10% of income) for submission to the tax office. At the end of each fiscal year, AdFlex Accountants will support the necessary procedures for publishers to make finalization and refund of personal income tax. This is one of the policies of AdFlex to enable Publisher to exercise its rights and obligations to the State.

If you have any questions about NET 7* payment policy, please contact your AM directly for assistance.

Best Regards,